Jul 21, 2013

What Causes Repetitive Strain Injuries?

Repetitive strain injuries (RSI's) are a blanket term covering problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and "dorsal wrist syndrome." These problems affect millions of Americans today, but the cure, as always, depends on the cause. If you're experiencing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, it may help to understand what's actually going on beneath your skin.

According to most recent studies, the damage caused by repetitive strain injuries results from structural changes in the muscle fibers as well as decreased blood flow in the affected areas. Nerves can also be involved (as in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) but nerve compression is not the first problem that occurs. If you're experiencing nerve pain it's because something – usually damaged tissue and inflammation – is pressing down on the nerve, which is what causes the numbness, tingling and loss of mobility that goes along with carpal tunnel syndrome and other RSIs.

But don't take my word for it. If you're experiencing wrist pain, I recommend you do some homework to get a better understanding of what's really causing your pain. It might not be carpal tunnel!

A good place to start is this study on "Overuse Syndrome." A group of scientists took biopsies from the hand muscles of injured and normal subjects, which allowed them to study the structural damage in the muscle fibers and see how it lined up with the severity of the person's symptoms. In another study, biopsies were taken from neck muscles, which revealed that reduced local blood flow was found in the injured areas. In short, the greater the pain, the greater the reduction in blood flow.

So how should you deal with your wrist pain? One way may be to increase your circulation. Here's a pretty good article on how to increase circulation to your arms. Apparently, in this sedentary world of ours, we need to work a little harder to keep our blood moving.

Oh, and if you are using your trackpad to click on any of these links, STOP RIGHT NOW! Read my posts on the ergonomic carpal tunnel mouse and the joys of voice recognition software. I'm using it right now.


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    1. I've had carpal tunnel for years, and have invented one treatment which always works to give immediate relief, even if it is so bad it feels like a toothache going up under my arm. Just fill a cheap flimsy disposable water bottle 3/4 full with hot water (only as hot as your skin can tolerate for a half minuet at a time at least) Anyway, squeeze out excess air so bottle is half scrunched, screw the cap back on, and put that under your arm in your arm pit, against skin or against a very light shirt, and let your arm down to hold it there. It might take a minuet to find the exact position of the utmost comfort, and you might need to release a bit of water so it's not too bulgy. If you don't get relief within a few seconds, improving greatly over a few minuets, I will eat my hat. This treatment has never failed me. There must be nerves under the arm pit which relax the connected tendons all the way down, I don't know. But this even brings instant relief of numbness. I've recommended this solution to many family and friends who have used it successfully.

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  7. I am in a wheelchair and use my hands all day long for everything. Lately my hands have just been throbbing. Would this situation make me more likely to get carpal tunnel syndrome?


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